Lemon t very often is used for cooking due to its delicious taste, but this yellow fruit has amazing properties and is used for health and beauty, as well.

This remarkable food has properties that are astringent, disinfectant, and act as a natural lightener for hair and skin. Lemon is also characterized by its high content of Vitamin C, antioxidants, and compounds that regulate acidity and promote fat elimination.

In this article we reveal you the best beauty secrets that lemons have to offer.

7 Amazing Ways To Use Lemon For Beauty and Personal Care

Lemon for highlighted hair

This probably is one of lemon’s most well – known beauty uses and is proven that lemon produce good results. If you want to lighten your hair and to make it shiny, apply lemon juice to your hair and expose it to the sun. Due to the sun contact, the lemon will help lighten your hair, giving it light and golden highlights. Note: it is recommended to do this at least once a week for good results.

Lemon hydrates your lips

It is important to mention that many cosmetic products actually make the lips dry. You can hydrate your lips on a natural way, with lemon. Before you go to sleep, apply fresh lemon juice on the lips.

Use lemon as a natural deodorant

Many experts explain that lemon can be an excellent product for care of the armpit skin, as its properties act as a natural deodorant while at the same time clearing up the dark stains that usually form in this area of the body. Lemon contains citric acid which is responsible for killing bacteria that cause bad odors, so it can work as an emergency deodorant. Also, if you want to ighten you armpits, you can use lemon. Just mix lemon juice with oatmeal and a little bit of honey and apply the resulting paste.

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